Finest Ice Cream

Eiskaffee - Fresh espresso with white chocolate ice cream

In summer we seduce you with our ice cream specialties. We make the creamy creations with the most delicious milk ice and the fruitiest sorbets. Our ice cream is made only with grade 1 ingredients, fresh whole milk, fresh German brand butter or fresh confectioner's cream, without the use of vegetable fat and free of any colorants and preservatives.

Our white chocolate ice cream is made with pieces of white chocolate and tastes simply unmistakable by its quality! Also special are the yogurt-passion fruit and the hazelnut ice cream.

The dark chocolate ice is a chocolate sorbet, an iced chocolate dream. It is free of milk and dairy ingredients is lactose and gluten free and can be enjoyed by those with milk allergies as well as vegans. This also applies to the two fruit sorbets mango and raspberry.

Our summer program also includes ice coffee, prepared with fresh espresso, as well as our ice chocolate, our shakes or the popular Espresso Affogato.


Espresso Affogato