Chocolaterie Beluga - Marienplatz-Subway Area - 80331 Munich

Marienplatz Basement Floor

Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat  8 am - 7 pm 
Sat              9 am - 7 pm
Sun             closed

Our Opening hours during CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON 2021:

Chocolaterie Beluga - Marienplatz (Basement Floor)
Christmas Eve 12/24th               8 am – 2 pm
1. Christmas Day 12/25th            closed
2. Christmas Day 12/26th           closed
New Year`s Eve 12/31st               11 am – 5 pm

New Year`s Day 01/01st              closed

How to find us: 

If you use public transportation, come to Marienplatz by U- or S-Bahn. When you leave the train and head for the Kaufingerstraße you will find our shop in the little mall underneath the Marienplatz in the subway area.

Chocolaterie Beluga - Marienplatz UntergeschossChocolaterie Beluga - Marienplatz Untergeschoss